Who Are We

Oftas was born in 2014 from a thirty-year cultural and technological background in the ophthalmologic field, initially focusing its technical and scientific knowledge in technical and computer assistance on electromedical equipment. After that, its technical sector flanks the commercial one, starting the sale of refurbished instruments and equipment, calibrated for ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians, developing a work ethic based on the best value for money available on the market.

The marketing sector gravitates around the client and their necessities, and starts to establish a strong virtual presence. Contextually, Oftas patents a project of ophthalmic unit, and lays the foundations for the production of table instruments for opticians and ophthalmologists, therefore starting its import/export across the entire globe. All company branches expand every year, always supported by frequent formative courses both practical and theoretical, to sustain the numbers in constant increase. This brings Oftas to open up offices and warehouses in Italy, France, Germany and, in 2023, Switzerland and England as well.