1. How can I buy an instrument?
Buying an instrument is very easy. Just contact us through our WhatsApp number presented in our site, and one of our sales agents will explain to you the entire purchase process, and will follow you along the whole order. You will receive a pro forma along with privacy and invoicing documents to fill out and send to our e-mail commerciale@oftas.it.

2. What are the payment methods?
Bank transfer, PayPal (for payments under €2,000.00), leasing or operational renting, finalized loan.

3. What are the delivery methods?
The client can choose between shipping through courier, or through our own company operators. Courier delivery has a maximum cost of €110 in Italy, and depends on weight and dimensions of the product. The cost of international shipping also depends on weight and product dimensions, and will be calculated on the moment. Price of delivery through our own operators on italian territory is €700 + IVA (Value Added Tax), and €1,000.00 + IVA for islands. This service of delivery through our own operators is currently not available for foreign countries.

4. What about times of delivery?
It usually takes 30 (thirty) business days for packages to arrive, it also depends on availability in our warehouses, times of customs processes and couriers.

5. How much is the warranty on instruments?
Warranty on all refurbished instruments is of 12 (twelve) months. All informations regarding warranty can be found in our Contractual Terms, Shipping and Returns section.